What is voiceworx all about?

VoiceWorx is about about singing together and enjoying the thrill it can bring. The music we will be working on will appeal to all and you won't be able to pigeonhole what we do. Anything is possible! VoiceWorx is for everyone whether you know you can sing or think you can't.

What will it cost?

New Fee System - 12 rehearsals per term

Pay for whole year - £150 (saving about £66)

Pay for a term - £55 (saving about £17)

Pay weekly - £6

Contact us

Send an email to VoiceWorx or ring Stuart 01884 266694 or Alan 01884 266397. Check out the diary for our rehearsal and performance schedule.

VoiceWorx is good fun. See you there...

Some VoiceWorx People


If you would like to join VoiceWorx ring Stuart 01884 266694 or Alan 01884 266397 for more information or come along to our next rehearsal (check the dates here diary)